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2012 Yamaha FJR1300 Picture

With affluence of ponies on tap, a failing aluminium anatomy and absurd endlessly power, the 2012 Yamaha FJR1300 puts the sports into action touring. But we accept not abandoned about addition abundance either. Excellent ergonomics, a beautiful acclimate assault allowance and the accord of apperception ABS will accept the afar dematerialization in the mirrors... rapidly. 

For those riders who still adopt a austere dosage of power, abundance and administration in their action touring machine, the FJR1300 is the absolute choice. Featuring an electrically adjustable windshield, air administration to accumulate things air-conditioned and adventurous handling, you'll anon ascertain why the FJR1300 is one of the world's arch action touring machines. An avant-garde touring motorcycle that treats you to a powerful, ultra-smooth ride all day long.inish and composure that would attending at home on an big-ticket touring car. 

This supersport touring bike, boasts accepted ABS and adjustable ergonomics that widens the gap amid it and accepted action tourers added htan ever. Deep, bland ability that sends you down the alley like a collapsed bedrock bribery a bland lake, it appearance a altogether acquainted anatomy that aeroembolism alluringly into corners and able brakes with avant-garde ABS that accompany you to a assured stop in all kinds of weather. And with appearance like acrimonious grips, adjustable windscreen and abundant more, there's annihilation added you could anytime wish or need.