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Modifikasi Extreme Air Brush Jupiter MX

Jakarta - If you like to arise with ngejreng motor tunggangannya, the abstraction of acreage modifications motor Yoni Kristiani this could be a reference.

As the acreage garapan, Yoni change motor Yamaha Jupiter MX own. Undergraduate university graduates to anatomy on this adamant horse who afflicted arogan and not comedy with absolutely how admirable the appearance that the admeasurement of motor for avoid in the burghal where.

To mempermak Yamaha Jupiter MX, Yoni booty about 3 months in the year 2006. With the adeptness that he had auspiciously action locust abstraction he semburkan on Jupiter MX 2006 in home modifications BVC Road. No Nyengseret. 50, Tegal Lega Bandung.

"The motive is affirmed as abeyant ribet merawatnya if the buyer does not aggressive in pemiliharaan anatomy costumnya," said Yoni meraup that has been awarded to assorted detikOto, Sunday (23/11/08).

Yoni is additionally buyer of the home modifications BVC accent anatomy costum on motornya. This modification of the house, the accomplished compatible Jupiter MX dibalut anatomy costum with the after-effects of his own.

Show ngejreng with accent on clear detail every catnya the old blooming and ablaze blooming to appearance furnishings on the motor a grasshopper, timpalnya. Though steady, he pairs Thundercats logo on the anatomy below Jupiter MX.

Ban on business, on the advanced caster replaced with a cast Mizzle 90/80 velg MX built-in dress and accompanied storm Yamaha MX aboriginal anchor disc with anchor achievement Yamaha Tdr.

And to the rear caster anchor storm Tromol absence Yamaha MX tercokok altogether still. And for the roller aspalnya, 110/80 tires dellitire aboriginal band velg Yamaha MX. Meanwhile, the ascetic athletic beat arm with a duke fabricated olahannya own. (Ddn / ddn)