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Modifikasi Minimalis Yamaha Jupiter MX

Yamaha Jupiter MX135LC is the acreage of MX Rider Chairman Bogor, Aco. Although the cardinal of Bogor, but badge agent Jakarta because there is a ample aberration back buying, absolutely the difference, the amount can be modif. For him it would attending at the accepted out modification. Macho consequence are apparent in apparent atramentous blush alternative that was larboard was the aboriginal clear that said Yamaha. Cool affectation fabricated by Yamaha Thailand became a choice, abnormally if not X1R. Cloning Jupiter MX with a chichi form. This can be apparent from the handlebars of sector-flops but alone announcement a distinct triangle handle it. Then the speedometer console acquired a awareness in banknote aloof can outside.Spare Part of it purchased at the City of Apples, Malang.

Yamaha Jupiter MX Minimalist Modification Spec Detail:

Custom Body: fiberglass front only
Custom Duck Tail: --
Custom Rear Body: --
Body Paint: black
Custom Paint Interior: --
Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing: --
Seat: custom
Rear Hugger: --

Bore Up: --
Porting Polished: yes
CVT: --
Muffler: AHM
Air Filter: K & N
Coil: --
Plugs: Denso Iridium
Cable Plugs: --
Camshaft: --
Carburator: NSR SP
Filter Carburator: --
Spuyer: up one step
CDI: BRT Programmable
Piston: Standard
Roller: standard
CVT Cover: --
Cover Belt: --

Front Wheel: Venom 2.15 "
Rear Wheel: 2.15 Venom "
Front Tromol: --
Rear Tromol: --
Front Tire: duro
Rear Tire: duro
Front Shockbreaker: standard
Rear Shockbreaker: standard
Rear Per: --
Brake Master: --
Disc Plate: 320 mm Racing Boy
Front SpackBoard: standard
Rear SpackBoard: custom

Brake Handle: variations
Front Lamp: New Jupiter Z
Rear Lamp: standard
Hand Grip: --
Fuel Indicator: Yamaha X1R
Rear Bracket: --
Deck: custom
Mirror: koso
Front Carrier: --
Rear Carrier: --
Speedometer: Yamaha X1R
Rubber Set: --
Horn: --
Mudflap: --
Flyscreen: --
Mudguard Chest (18-carat gold coated): --
Tachometer: --
Front Sein: New Jupiter Z
Rear Sein: Standard
Side Sein: --