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Yamaha Fino Cute Bike Modifications

Performance Yamaha Fino Cute bike modification can increase the efficiency of the bike, to a limited extent, while body modification decreases millage and performance.

This bike is really suitable for the girl. For the young girl actually who was fall in love with some one. The most common modifications include removing the saree guard, rear view mirrors, increasing the size of the rear tyre, changing the handle bar, using alloy wheels and changing shock absorbers etc... Modifikasi Yamaha fino is alwas suitable for girl. Some people even go for an entire body alteration while keeping the engine as it is. You can also work on the sound of the bike. it is pretty beautifull is not it
Engine oil plays an important role in ensuring smooth operation and maintenance of the bike and maintaining a correct engine oil level is important. Check engine oil level each day before operating the two–wheeler. Oil level should be between upper and lower marks. Top up engine oil if required. Check for oil leakage.