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Gambar Aprilia Mana 850 GT 2009

Thanks to these characteristics, the Mana 850 GT is the most functional and complete bike on the market.

The half-fairing, in fact, makes the Mana 850 GT unique, and lets you get the very best out of the dynamic qualities of the V2 850 engine with Sportgear transmission. A two-cylinder engine producing 76 HP with a very flat torque curve giving you excellent performance both in acceleration and at speed, the perfect match for the on-the-road tourism soul of the Mana 850 GT.

A bike that offers infinite possibilities, at the press of a button on the handlebars the rider can change from the sequential mode (seven gears controlled from the handlebars or using the gear change pedal) to autodrive mode. In this way, the Mana 850 GT adapts perfectly to any type of route and riding style of the owner, whether this is relaxed cruising or high-performance road racing. What's more the Rain mapping, with an extremely smooth power delivery, provides excellent assistance on wet and slippery roads.