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2009 Yamaha T-Max 500 Touring Scooters

2009 Yamaha T-Max 500 Touring Scooters2009 Yamaha T-Max 500 Touring Scooters

It seems like yesterday that Yamaha introduced its first maxi-scooter that marked a change in the European scooter market. Yet eight years have passed, with the debut have occurred in July 2000.

This is much more than a simple scooter - comfortable and spacious, it also has the pleasure to ride and handling of a smaller bike. This has made the Yamaha T-Max a hit in the market, reaching the top ten with 23,000 units sold bicycles in the first eight months of 2008. A good 15,000 of these were sold in Italy alone.

With plans for the high demand in 2009, the legendary yellow "yellow tip" is available. Livery is an almost hysterical, but if you want something more subdued there Midnight Black, Metal Silver technology and high Stealth. Pricing for 2009 is now available, including the option of ABS.