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2012 MV Agusta F4R Picture

2012 MV Agusta F4R PictureThe new MV Agusta F4 R 2012 has been advised to action audience a superbike with acute performance. The key affection of the F4 R is, in fact, the new “Corsa Corta” engine able of amazing achievement and already active on the F4 RR, the top of the MV Agusta superbike range.

The new 4 butt inline with adorable valves is the beating affection of the MV Agusta F4 R. The thermodynamics accept been actually redesigned, starting from the new low apathy crankshaft which makes it accessible to use a cool over-square bore and achievement ratio. In this way, the MV F4 R is able of extensive rpm aces of a authentic antagonism motorcycle. The engine accommodation of 998cc has been acquired by application a bore of 79 mm and a achievement of alone 50.9 mm. In this way it is accessible to accomplish an acutely top 13700 rpm rev absolute while at the aforementioned time blurred the beeline acceleration of the agent from 24.9 m/s to 23 m/s convalescent reliability.

In adjustment to ability the boundless homologated ability of 195.2 hp (against the 201 hp of the cool able RR version) at 13000 rpm, every basic was thoroughly engineered. The butt arch uses actually new ports and employs beyond valves both on the basin and exhaust. For the aboriginal time on a accumulation assembly motorcycle, all the valves are fabricated of titanium, acceptance the weight of these to be bargain behindhand of the access in bore (from 28.6 to 31.8 mm for bankrupt and from 24.6 to 26 mm for the exhaust).

The engine “breathes” in a added able way acknowledgment to the use of a new 4-2-1-4 primary area of the bankrupt system. In accession to acceptable optimized engine efficiency, this new bankrupt arrangement offers an actually different complete that is even added arresting again in antecedent versions. The ammunition arrangement employs 4 burke bodies with a 49mm bore and bifold ammunition injectors per butt accompanying with the different MV Agusta TSS (Torque Shift System) capricious assimilation runners.