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MODIFIKASI YAMAHA JUPITER Z 2008Concept that is applied in that way. Motor can be used for daily use or daily. If force must be used motorcycles, So i not fear bothered with other things, "said the man who works as marketing in one of the famous car company in Jakarta.

YAMAHA JUPITER Z 2008 Specifications:

Custom Body: N / A
Custom Duck Tail: N / A
Custom Rear Body: N / A
Body Paint: Blue Pearl Paint and varnish by (Sikkens)
Custom Interior Paint: Pearl Blue Cat and varnish by (Sikkens)
Custom Cutting & stripping Varing Sticker: N / A
Seat: Leather Seat by MB Tech
Rear hugger: N / A

Bore Up: N / A
Ported Polished: Available
CVT: N / A
Muffler: Original (Chroom)
Air Filter: Original
Coil: Original
Plugs: NGK
Cable plugs: Splitfire
Camshaft: Original
Carburetor: Keihin PE28
Filter Carburetor: Keihin PE28
Spuyer: Keihin PE28
CDI: Original
Piston: Original
Roller: N / A
CVT Cover: N / A
Belt Cover: N / A

Front Wheel: Enkei Racing 17 inch Alloy
Rear Wheel: Enkei Racing 17 inch Alloy
Front Tromol: Original
Rear Tromol: Original
Front Tire: Tire 90/90/R17 Swallow
Rear Tire: 100/90/R17 Tire Swallow
Front Shock breaker: Original (Chrome)
Rear Shock breaker: Original (Chrome)
Per Rear: Original
Brake Master: Original
Disc Plate: Original
Front SpackBoard: Original
Rear SpackBoard: Original

Brake Handle: Ride it
Front Lamp: Original
Rear Lamp: Original
Lamp: Philips
Hand Grip: Ride it
Fuel Indicator: Original
Rear Bracket: Original (Chrome)
Deck: N / A
Steer: Original
Mirror: Twenty (Thailand version)
Front Carrier: N / A
Rear Carrier: N / A
Speedometer: Original
Rubber Set: N / A
Horn: hella
Mudflap: N / A
Flyscreen: N / A
Mudguard Chest (18 carat gold layer): N / A
Tachometer: N / A
Front sein: Original
Rear sein: Original
Side sein: Original