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With the motor behind the single schokbreker already there. But if the front and back of a single, I exist in Malang. Even if it is regarded from the right side, half do not believe that Suzuki Skywave 125 cc paper Platinum Motor sokbreker that I use. Home modifications from the city of apples this subscription win contest. Like what pekerjaaan their hands?

Lowrider style of the virus infecting the inspire more teams Platinum Motors. To realize the trend, the axis patrolling skubek berlambang letter ‘S’ is extended. How, or add breket engine mounting that the distance axis wheel so longer.

Done? Yet! Front wheel reducer system changed so single, back to the model compact with the CVT. When is viewed from the right side, skubek the demand is reasonable to think the life suspension.

Body also be in touch tolerable. Some research has been part of several kits fiberglass. As the lights and wings. Included also cover the seats of the kit that can easily be removed pairs. (Aong)

Data Modifications

Front tire: Deli Tire 120/70×14
Ben back: Deli Tire 140/70×14
Front of the rim-back: Honda naza
Spidometer: Koso
Kaliper future: Nissin
Quasi background: Variations
Oil-cooler: Variations