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Yamaha Mio Sporty owner named Emerald Zone – because the origin of Jember – this is indeed want to appear different. Efforts undertaken with the front cover arrest Suzuki Skywave 125 complete the following light. Modif deserve if the results of this wave is called the space taken from the meaning of Skywave.

By coupling zone and from Difa Modified (DM) to meet ambitions. “I effectively changed motor racing style look but do not mimic the existing,” said berfilosofi zone.

Pas to choose light Skywave. In addition to the perpetrator has not been constrained Customized, is also considered not Economics. Skywave 125 light the two eyes is also synonymous with moge Yamaha R1.

Students not only play around the region sekwilda alias chest. He also began touching the buttocks was initially considered less bohay or less nungging. Its far more sporty through the operation that is not plastic surgery. Rather operation fiberglass.

To promote the Didik the back seat single-seater racing style Moto, in order to pursue the effect of racing. Although effective sporty, modifikator also add a light behind the rear planted on the body. So keeping the importance of safety.

Aroma racing in the buttocks shall be thick with exhaust standards expropriate moved to the bottom or in the gutter like Moto. In addition to the undertail, also is in the gutter. This is only the tricks because the backside is light and force can not remove the pipe model undertail.

This kind of style exhaust is not only in the MotoGP race. In moge (motorcycle around) also many who apply. “But I imitate the original exhaust property Vespa,” By kekeh.

From the chest and buttocks, legs feel Didik. One set of rim Ride It and four consecutive discus Kawasaki Ninja control the braking.

The installation disk back beyond the election swing arm. So it works double. Not only as a brake grip kaliper. But also as a stabiliser or the wheel.

This sizeable arms to overcome the symptoms of stroke sloping to the right inasmuch as the wheels Mio ditumpu only from the left. Create skubek racing version, the addition of this arm function can be said at once safety.

To the top of the front foot, there is a default bar factory, which is still closed. Now the model has been replaced open. Installed bar following a set of triangular Yamaha X1R version of Thailand. (More)